Hello And Welcome To The First P. Bear Diary This Is All About Plans By Herbert And Adventures With The Brothers Minepenguin And Hot Dog Red (Red For Short)

Chapter 1

Herbert Is Free From His Failure In Operation Hot Sauce Know Its Time To Go To The Millenuim Falcon And To Battle AT-ATs

In The Millenuim Falcon

"Wow Cant Wait To Battle AT-ATs" said Red AKA Me. Meanwhile That Night ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.



At The Plant With AT-ATs

"Wow Its Cold Out Here" Said Minepenguin And The Other Pliot.

"AHH! A AT-AT" Said Red

"lets do this *pulls out lightsaber" Said Minepenguin


"Phew That AT-AT is gone" Said Red

"Next Tatioone?" Said Minepenguin

"Sure" Said Red

At Tatioone

"Im Thirsty To The Catina?"  Said Red

"Ok Then Lets Defeat Some Storm Troppers" Said Minepenguin

"Are You Done If Yes Lets Defeat Storm Troppers" Said Red

"Yes" Said Minepenguin

Meanwhile Defeating Storm Troppers

"Theres One" Said Red

"Ok" Said Minepenguin 

"Another One *Shoots*" Said Red

"I See Another One Too *Shoots*" Said Minepenguin

"Theres The Boss SHOOT AT IT" Said Red

"Wow That Was Easy" Said Minepenguin

"To The Death Star?" Said Red

"Yes" Said Minepenguin

At The Death Star

"I See Lets Do This Unlock These Termials" Said Minepenguin

Hours Later..,

"Good Now We Have The Secret Plans Misson Complete To Yarvin 4!" Said Red

"Ok" Said Minepenguin

Get Ready For Part 2 On August 8th.