• The Dragon Prince

    Hello Guys And Today Is The First Protobot Wiki Logo Contest

    • Make Sure It Is A .png File. 
    • Make Sure It Is 250 x 65 pixels or less.

    • Make Sure It Has Protobot On It And Put Proto Bot Wiki On It

    If You Do Not Follow The Rules Above You Will Not Be Entered

    Comment Your Logo Below


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  • The Dragon Prince

    Welcome Back The Adventures Of Two Brothers A Penguin And A Square Robot

    "Good were at the last plant" Said red

    "Yep" Said Minepenguin

    "Now Lets Climb In The X-Wing Ships" Said red

    "Good theres a tie fighter boom" Said red

    "Good But ANOTHER ONE" Said minepenguin

    "Boom Goes Another One"" Said red

    "Good We Did It" Said minepenguin

    "Yeah Another Adventure Ends" Said red

    The Really Big Adventure Starts August 24th

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  • The Dragon Prince

    Hello And Welcome To The First P. Bear Diary This Is All About Plans By Herbert And Adventures With The Brothers Minepenguin And Hot Dog Red (Red For Short)

    Herbert Is Free From His Failure In Operation Hot Sauce Know Its Time To Go To The Millenuim Falcon And To Battle AT-ATs

    "Wow Cant Wait To Battle AT-ATs" said Red AKA Me. Meanwhile That Night ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    "Wow Its Cold Out Here" Said Minepenguin And The Other Pliot.

    "AHH! A AT-AT" Said Red

    "lets do this *pulls out lightsaber" Said Minepenguin

    "Phew That AT-AT is gone" Said Red

    "Next Tatioone?" Said Minepenguin

    "Sure" Said Red

    "Im Thirsty To The Catina?"  Said Red

    "Ok Then Lets Defeat Some Storm Troppers" Said Minepenguin

    "Are You Done If Yes Lets Defeat Storm Troppers" Said Red

    "Yes" Said Minepe…

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